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Complete different items from this year's Mustang Moments Challenge to win prizes and make lasting memories! Additional details and specific instructions are located on the back of this sheet

MUSTANG MOMENTS CHALLENGE ITEM:  ( use sources provided on the back to determine dates/times) ALL YEAR EVENTS :

  • Attend an MCHS sporting event on campus

  • Attend an away sporting event off-campus

  • Make a poster to cheer on an athlete/team and use at a game

  • Attend a club meeting

  • Participate in an MCHS club fundraiser off - campus ( Ex : CPK / Chipotle )

  • Buy an item at Club Day .

  • Go to a Comedy Sportz match .

  • Read a copy of La Vista and pose on the mound with it Utilize the College & Career Center

  • Attend a school dance Pose with Melvin the Mustang .

  • Take a pic with one of your favorite staff members ( Ask them first & pot permission )

  • Snap a picture with one of your Class Officers Again , ask them first & pot permission )

  • Check out a book to road from the library that is a non - required book

  • Participate in a Class Wars Game or Activity

  • Participate in an ASB tournament (Spikeball, Ping Pong, etc . )

  • Enjoy an MCHS concession at a sports event or at the pool snack stand

  • Purchase spirit wear from the Student Store Donate blood during one of the UCLA Blood Drives

  • Attend a Noontime Theatre show in the drama room

  • Visit one of the Art Shows in Room # 62 at lunch or office hours

  • Complete the Vaping Module on the Families Connected Web site


  • Go to the Hometown Fair and support or work an MCHS booth

  • Dress up for at least 2 spirit days during Homecoming Week.

  • Go to a holiday show (concert, benefit show , etc . )

  • Watch marching band performance or practice

  • Dress up and enter in the Halloween Costume Contest

  • Participate in Redondo Nerd Day

  • Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week

  • Attend or perform in the Lip Sync

  • Participate in Costa Clean - up Day

  • Participate in Operation Happiness ( Adopt a Family / Food DrivelAngol Troo )

  • Attend the fall play Attend Movie Night

  • Send a Val - Gram or Candy Gram on Valentine ' s Week!

  • Work " This is Costa " Night

  • Participate in Denim Day

  • Participate in Art Week

  • Go to perform in the talent show

  • Attend Costachella and participate

  • Participate in Costa Beautification Day

  • Dress up for 14 Semester ' s PJ Day

  • Write a note to a teacher during teacher appreciation week!

  • Participate in Ugly Sweater Day before Holiday Break!

  • Participate in scholar quiz


  • Take a picture with your link leader ( s )

  • Attend a Costa event with your link leader

  • Attend a link crew lunch meeting Hang out with your link leader ( s ) outside of school •

  • Attend Donut Day

MIRA COSTA MUSTANGS  Mustang Moments: Make Them Count! MUSTANG MOMENTS " TO DO " CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS: Complete 10 DIFFERENT items before each deadline and document EVERY # mustangmoment with a logical photo ( your face/proof of event needs to be CLEARLY seen ) to win prizes!

• Submit ALL 10 photos with clear labels in a single email during the submission window to be considered.

• Choose to participate for both rounds of the Mustang Moments Challenge know that we will not accept duplicate photos. Additionally, while we hope you attend multiple games, shows, dances, etc . - - - you can only complete each challenge once for credit.

• Please see examples on the Link Crew and ASB instagrams for formatting requirements.




FIRST 10 items must be submitted between Oct . 25 & 28th

 LAST 10 ( DIFFERENT ) items must be submitted between Mar . 27th & 30th

We will not accept submissions before or after the above windows . Students must submit each round of photos in a single email from your @ mbusdapps accounts with your name as the subject line . 9th & 10th grades submit to : mchsmustangmoments @ gmail . com 11th & 12th grades submit to : mchsmakethemcount @ gmail . com

What do I win if I complete the Mustang Moments " To Do " Challenge ?

✓ IN N ' OUT lunch with Honor Roll Students

✓ An Ice Cream Sundae Party

✓ Entered to Win Prizes in Raffle at Ice Cream Sundae Party

STUDENT INSTAGRAMS TO FOLLOW to stay up - to - date with all things MCHS !

ASB Student Government: @ asb mustangs

Link Crew: @ mchslinkcrew

La Vista : @ lavistamedia

MMN : @ mustangmorningnews

Yearbook : @ mchsyearbook 

Visit the Mira Costa Event Calendar to find out when things are happening on campus !

https : / / www . miracostahigh . org / apps / events / calendar / ? id = 0

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