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Freshmen Orientation

What is Freshman Orientation?

Freshman Orientation is a time for the incoming freshman at Mira Costa to experience life on campus. They will meet new people, play icebreakers, and get a tour of the school. The freshman will start out altogether in the gym, but then will be separated into groups. These groups will be lead by a pair of link leaders. 

2019 Recap

All of the freshmen met in the auditorium and received named tags, then they sat facing the stage. Dr. Dale, the principal, introduced himself and gave a short introduction to life at Costa. The freshman then played a few icebreakers until they were separated into groups of 8 or 9 of their peers and a pair of link leaders. Then the groups were put in individual classrooms where the link leaders led a series of games to get to know each other.  After that, the link leaders gave their freshman a tour of Costa, as well as helped them find their classes and open their lockers 

Freshman Orientation


Freshman Orientation 2018

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